the location

Meriki Island is the name of a 70 hectare property located in the near the mouth of the Macleay River on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

The Location

The property is made up of two main sections, a 30 hectare island connected by road and a 40 hectare peninsula that wraps around the island. A former dairy has had all fulltime grazing ceased for the last 10 years and the natural flora and fauna have really taken hold. The main activity carried out at the location now is oyster growing and commercial and recreational fishing activities. It is however based in rich dairy, beef and market garden country making it a true “Surf and Turf” location.

Just south across the Macleay River is the township of South West Rocks, a beautiful little coastal town rich in history, charm and spectacular bays and beaches. North up the waterway are more beautiful little coastal hamlets, Stuarts Point, Fishermans Reach and Grassy Head.


The Location Map